Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Screen printed cars quilt

So I have finally put together the quilt top that has been hogging my design wall for the last couple of months. Has it really been that long?!? I'd say so...

The little cars are designed and screen printed by my sister-in-law Debbie, who is starting up her own business doing screen printing and dyeing. The outside border is also her dyed fabric.
The cars are so cute, really happy looking!

This was achieved despite the heat today, 36'C, with no air-con in my house, I was really working in my own little sweat-shop!

Now to the next thing on my list - a present for my folks anniversary! I only have about a week, plus I desperately need to do some work on my JC Quilt-along blocks.

Stay cool, Jessica!


Amelia said...

Oh those cars are just too awsome! There seems to be too few thing out there that are boy directed - this is cool!

Did you get an answer as the the the jo's coat needing to the square?

Debbie said...

Oh, that is awesome. I can't wait till holidays so I can print some more squares!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Jess - Deb sent me the link so i could take a peek at your beautiful quilt. I love the incorporation of Deb's screen printed car material and border looks fantastic. Hope the weather gets a bit cooler.
Regards Keryn